I'll be updating here as I go.

11/05/12 Two new games added to the Programme A Walk in the Forest and Shadows Over Carlisle.

11/05/12 - many more delegates signed up. If you have not yet, do go and choose characters for the freeform!

22/04/12 - OK venues confirmed and all systems go! I have added some delegates who have already paid to the list, and Mark has sent much more information on the freeform that I have added so you can start emailing him about your characters.

15/02/12 -
If anyone is wondering about how they will afford to eat in hoity-toity Cheltenham, one of the poshest towns in England, do what I do, and eat here – it is excellent -
99p is what 9 DKr (and NKr), 1.20 Euro, $1.57 US or 123 JPY. At those prices for rather nice meals I think you can all afford it. :)